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Toporek Law works with small business owners, entrepreneurs, founders, and creators to legally protect their brand. Securing the exclusive legal rights to your brand is essential to building a solid legal foundation for your business and positioning your business for success and growth in the future. Learn more about the benefits of trademark registration and Toporek Law's approach to providing an accessible and efficient trademark registration experience for our clients.

USPTO Trademark Registration

Protect your brand by registering your brand identifiers with the USPTO. Toporek Law's Trademark Registration Package is designed for small businesses seeking an efficient trademark registration experience. The package includes preparing and filing the application, formatting the specimens of use, and responding to USPTO examining attorney issued office actions during the registration process. 

Trademark Search and Clearance

Performing a comprehensive clearance search is the first step to developing a successful trademark registration strategy. Toporek Law uses the latest search technology to help his clients register their marks efficiently without opposition. Toporek Law's Trademark Registration Package includes a comprehensive search and attorney drafted clearance opinion letter.

USPTO Office Action Responses

The USPTO examining attorney may request additional information during the registration process in the form of an office action. Toporek Law responds to these office actions accurately, decisively, and timely in an effort to keep the registration process moving forward efficiently. Responses to USPTO examining attorney issued office actions are included in Toporek Law's Trademark Registration Package.

What does trademark registration do for your small business?

Secures exclusive legal rights over the small business brand
• Warns competitors not to copy your small business brand identifiers
• Cultivates positive brand reputation among consumers
• Distinguishes your small business from the competition
• Builds brand equity and positions your small business for success

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Toporek Law is always integrating the latest client relation technology in an effort to be accessible throughout the registration process. Learn more about our process below.


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