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We work with small business owners, entrepreneurs, creators, and founders to secure federal trademark registration protection for their most valuable asset.

Trademark Registration for the Modern Small Business


Toporek Law's accessible and efficient trademark registration process is designed with the small business owner in mind.

Securing the exclusive rights to your brand gives you peace of mind and puts your small business in position for growth and success.

Legally Protect Your Brand


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Purchase a comprehensive search and evaluation of your mark separate from an application package.

search and evaluation

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The Trademark Application package times two. This package includes two applications: One for your brand name and one for your logo. 

Brand name + logo

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Toporek Law's signature trademark application package. This package includes all steps of the registration process and is priced at a flat fee.

trademark application 

Boost Your Business with the Power of Trademark Registration


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As a small business owner, I understand the many roles that an owner plays in keeping the business running. My goal is to take brand protector off that list, so that you can focus on your business.

Filing a trademark application initiates a technical legal proceeding. It doesn't have to be intimidating and time consuming for you though.

I want to help put your small business in position to succeed.


What our clients are saying

-Current client

"Toporek Law has been providing excellent consulting and legal support to my small business since 2019."

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"Alex represented me and I was so impressed. I would recommend to him for anyone looking for a lawyer, he is the best and made the process so easy!"

-former client

"Alex's exceptional expertise, unwavering dedication, and strategic brilliance led to a successful outcome that exceeded all expectations."

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