Trademark Protection for Small Businesses and Entrepreneurs

The Law Office of Alex Toporek, LLC strives to provide accessible trademark registration services to small businesses and entrepreneurs that want to protect their most valuable asset: Their Brand.

Alex takes pride is helping you obtain proper legal protection for your brand as you position and grow your business. Check out the site or Book a Free Call with Alex to learn more.

What We Do

Trademark Registration

Alex will guide you through the trademark application process, provide advice, prepare the application and correspond with the USPTO while you focus on your business - All for a flat rate fee. 

Trademark Search and Clearance

Alex will perform a comprehensive search across multiple platforms in an effort to create a smooth path toward registration of your mark.    

USPTO Office Action Responses

Alex will help you properly respond to office actions issued by the USPTO in an effort to get your mark registered as efficiently as possible. 

Why does your small business brand need federal trademark protection?

Protect Your Brand Against Infringers
• Position Your Brand for Growth in the Marketplace
• Level the Playing Field Against Established Competition
• Peace of Mind that Your Brand has a Solid Legal Foundation 

Book a Free Call with Alex to Learn More

How We Do It

1. Check Out the Site

Check out the site or Book a Free Call with Alex to learn more about what we do.

2. Choose What You Need

Select the Flat Fee Services for you and complete a short intake.

3. Work With Alex

Let Alex handle the rest and focus on running your business. We will keep you updated along the way. 

Hello fellow business owner!

Thanks for checking out the site and congratulations on taking the next steps to grow your business! I've always been a big sports fan and have found myself pulling for the underdog most of my life. The idea of seeing a favorite beat up on an underdog simply never appealed to me. Today, I take pride in helping the underdog level the playing field against established competition by providing accessible federal trademark registration services to small businesses and entrepreneurs. Check out the site or Book a Free Call with me to learn more about what I can do to help your business. 

- Alex T.

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602 Rutledge Avenue
Charleston, SC, 29403, US

Mailing Address

Post Office Box 21498
Charleston, SC 29413

*Alex is a licensed member of the South Carolina Bar. Alex's practice outside of SC is a limited federal law practice before the USPTO.

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