Trademark Registration

Give your brand the legal protection it needs to grow.

The basics

The brand is a company's most valuable asset. Registering your mark with the United States Patent and Trademark Office provides invaluable protection while legitimizing your brand in the marketplace. Alex's goal is to provide an efficient and accessible experience to entrepreneurs and small businesses looking to protect their brand.

How we help

Alex offers flat rate fees for registering a trademark with the USPTO. This service includes filing the mark application, responding to clerical office actions during registration and email updates throughout the process. These services are available individually or packaged with a comprehensive trademark search.  

Trademark search and clearance

Alex offers flat fee options for comprehensive trademark searches for prospective mark applications. These services include an attorney clearance opinion letter and are available individually or packaged with the trademark registration service. It is advised that a comprehensive trademark search is conducted as part of any trademark registration project.  

Flat Fee Trademark Services

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