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Your brand is your most valuable asset. As a small business, that asset is vulnerable to corporations or people with the resources to capitalize on your hard work. Registering your brand identifiers with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) is an investment that will provide you with protection and peace of mind as your business grows. Registration with the USPTO benefits small businesses in the following ways:

• Protects your brand against infringers.

• Develops positive brand reputation in the marketplace.

• Levels the playing field against established competition.

• Creates a tangible asset by which your business can be valued.

• Creates peace of mind that your brand is on a solid legal foundation.

What is eligible for trademark registration?

The simple answer is that any brand identifiers unique to your business and used in commerce may be eligible for federal trademark registration. Brand identifiers include but are not limited to the following:

• Words
• Logos
• Slogans
• Smells
• Sounds

The more unique and original your brand identifiers are, the more protection it is likely to receive from the USPTO. The spectrum of marks in order from strongest protection to no protection can be summarized as follows:

• Coined Terms – These are terms that are completely new and made up terms. For example, Exxon® for gas or Kodak® for camera film.

• Arbitrary Terms – These terms are real words but are not related to the goods or services attached to them. For example, Apple® for computers.

• Suggestive Terms – These are words that relate to the goods or services but are not descriptive of the goods or services. For example, Coppertone® for sun tanning products.

• Descriptive Terms – These are words that describe a good or service. For example, “Sports Illustrated” is descriptive of a sports magazine. These terms are typically afforded less protection from the USPTO.

• Generic Terms – These are common terms used as the general name for a product of service. For example, "laptop" for a computer. These terms are afforded no protection from the USPTO.

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Alex offers Flat Fee Trademark Registration Services to small businesses and entrepreneurs that want to protect their brand. For a one time flat fee, Alex will guide you through the trademark registration process, prepare and file the application, format and file specimens of use, and will correspond with the USPTO through registration. Alex also performs comprehensive clearance searches for prospective mark applications for an additional flat rate fee. These searches are conducted in an effort to avoid a “likelihood of confusion” rejection from the USPTO. Book a Free Call with Alex or follow the link below for more information.

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