Small Business Formation

Gain peace of mind by setting up your business the legal way.


Legally forming your business and establishing ownership and operating structures is the foundation of any successful venture. These decisions will provide a framework for your business to run efficiently now and in the future.


Alex will work with you to choose the business structure that best meets your goals and will develop a clean and comprehensive operating agreement to protect you and your business. Alex also offers flat rate fees to formally incorporate your LLC and obtain any necessary local or state licenses to get your business up and running.

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LLC Formation

An incorporated limited liability company provides a "vessel" to conduct business from. A properly formed LLC will help protect your personal assets from business losses and liabilities. LLC's also allow owners flexibility in structuring the management of the business and addressing financial matters of the company. Alex offers flat rate services to incorporate your LLC in South Carolina and put your business in position to succeed. 

Operating agreements

Formalizing the ownership and management structure of your business will give you peace of mind today and protection in the future. Alex will work with you to draft a clean and comprehensive operating agreement tailored to your business goals. 

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